Bath creative coffeeshop guide

Upload a HTML site to Figroll I normally split my time up working at home and in some really fantastic coffeeshops and wanted to share our favourites with you so far…

Picnic (Saracen St) - @picnic_bath

Picnic Bath This is always my go to. It’s light and open so feels like your working outside in the sun. The staff are super friendly and the coffee is great. Wifi is really fast and you normally bump into other inspiring creatives.

Colonna & Hunter - @Colonna_Hunter

Upload a HTML site to Figroll I’m a big fan of this place, it has a nice chilled out atmosphere, great food, and the staff are always friendly. The Wifi is non-exsitant but it’s a great excuse to do some reading, or get inspired by their selection of Ales and write some blog posts.

Cascara Café Bath - @cascarabath

Upload a HTML site to Figroll A small coffeeshop tucked down Upper Borough Walls street. It boasts some lovely coffee and lemonade, great seating upstairs, friendly staff and cute beagle.

Colonna & Smalls - @CColonna_Smalls

Upload a HTML site to Figroll It’s always nice to see passionate people and these guys know their coffee. I’m always excited to see what they have on the board. It’s really nice to sit inside or sit in the courtyard and write some code.