Top 5 places to visit

Top five places to visit this year.

5. Sri Lanka

I came across Sunshine stories on Instagram. Petter and Linn come across really nicely on their website and have created a idyllic surf retreat.

Sunshine stories

4. Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai…Im going to be honest I think this came onto the list from when my friend first showed me Alanar Blanchard’s Surfer girl.


3. Rift Valley, Kenya

My grandparents used to live in Africa. When I was a child we were lucky enough to visit a few places. It was fantastic.

It’s a place I hear calling my name, a place to get back to basics, back to nature and meet some extremely friendly people.

I saw this short film by Nowness and ever since my place of choice would have to be The Rift Valley, Kenya.

Sleepwalking in the Rift by Cary Fukunaga for Maiyet on Vimeo.

2. Costa Rica

My friend Georgia visited there recently and the photo’s looked amazing. It seems to have a bit of everything from sandy beaches, mountains and even sloths!

Costa rica

1. Bali

Bali has been the dream for a while now. Not only me but for my Brother too.

We have the dream about taking about a month off and just living the simple life.

Bali lake front view

Oh ok I just can’t pick 5

6. Banda sea, Indonesia

I came across Sam Dowdney the other day and was completely taken back by some of his amazing adventures and cracking photography.

Banda sea

7. Palau, Micronesia

A friend of mine, Tommy is an amazing chef. He works on the yachts and spent a bit of time in Palau. My Facebook page was covered with beautiful food, stunning scenery and some huge fish.

Palau islands