Quitting my job

Last week I quit my Job. It was a pretty great job as far as your typical 9-5 go. It had lots going for it from friendly colleagues, good perks to competitively paid. But why wasn’t this enough for me?


a strong desire to travel.

I’ve always had it, It constantly plays on my mind. Slowly tapping away until I finally give in to temptation and take off.

Two years ago, I did exactly this, I downed tools and did a ski season. Then got my sea legs on and worked on boats in and around Antibes, France. It was great!

After a lot of ironing and cleaning toilets, I needed something to keep the old brain ticking over. So moved to get a job in London.

Now I’ve been back in London and working for a while, I miss the social side of a new country and the solitude of a untouched landscape. When the sun beams in the office window I yearn to go out and enjoy it.


You can’t put a price on passion and inspiration. Two things that money can never buy. They come and go as they like and you have to be ready when they do.

It’s something that I took for granted, but as I’ve got older these two friends have alluded me from time to time. Together they grow my creativity, something that definitely hasn’t been there for a while; but something I need to try and cultivate more of.


I love what coding gives you. The ability to create anything. If something steps in your way the phrase “Just Google it” will get you a long way. Don’t give up, keep going, keep researching, keep googling and don’t be scared to ask questions.

When I first got the job I accepted slightly lower money, as I couldn’t quite meet all of the requirements. However I did have an insatiable appetite to learn. In my short time I’ve learnt some really cool technical things like; Flux and KnockoutJS to name a few. It’s been great to work on a website thats used by so many, understanding the ebbs and flows of different techniques.

Learning all the time is great but also it can be difficult. You must have a connection to the project and in turn a passion for what you’re making. Most importantly just crack on and write some code. You can read till the cows come home but best way to understand something is by doing. You’ll learn a lot more but putting it in to practice.

Doin’ my own thing

Contrary to what some people might think, I do actually enjoy working. I love working hard and having something to show for it, more importantly, something I’m proud of. But it’s got to be what I love doing.

It’s easy to just sit back and enjoy the pay check. It makes you comfortable and dependable. It can open many doors but also slam a few shut. If you love something “reach out and grab it”…

So with my slightly more sensible hat on, and with one months pay in my back pocket. I’m going to get sand between my toes, plugin my laptop and make some things I love. Figroll.

“If I only scrape a living, at least it a living worth scarping”

  • Mickey Smith